Monday, January 28, 2013


X GAMES IS OVER. It was a crazy week, I didnt end up riding well at all in pipe semi finals so that was disappointing. But on the whole the week was amazing. Between meeting Shawn Johnson and watching my surrogate little sister Arielle get Third I had a great time! Check the photos!
The North Face pipe crew holdin it down during practice. Riddle and I got XTREME!

Taylor Gold throwing down the front three Croisant. Thats like beef curtains with your hands crossed

Sitting up on the ridge behind our house in Aspen.  I thought this photo was pretty cool.

Reli Beli gets third at X Games!!! So proud of you Arielle!!! 

Taylor and I spent the day before pipe finals riding Snowmass, got those GoPro shots!

Even got to hang out with Shawn Johnson for a bit while doing a GooglePlus hangout! shoulda asked her on a date!