Monday, March 4, 2013

US OPEN recap

HI everyone!! Sorry I didn't keep people up to date as this event was going along. I really should have let you all know where to watch me and how I was doing after Semi finals! Fortunately there is a webcast reply online so if you happened to miss any of the amazing action you can go back and check it all out. I will post the LINK at the bottom of this post! Sorry again /:

So now that that's outta the way. This years USO was awesome, the move from Stratton to Vail really was a good choice. Although I miss my native state of VERMONT, Vail was able to provide us with a phenomenal venue, lodging and the best halfpipe I have ridden to date! I should probably tell you that semi-finals went ok for me. I just made it into finals qualifying 11th outta the 12 finals spots. Everyone that made finals really deserved to be there!

Alrighty, skip to finals day! Saturday the second was a gorgeous day, beautiful weather, perfect pipe and my parents were able to fly out and watch. I woke up feeling super great, practice went well and I was feeling great for my runs. It would make me sound ungrateful if I said I was disappointed with 5th place. I rode the best I have inside of competition this year,...BUT not one of my three runs was executed as well as I would have liked and I really felt like I could have stood on the podium.

 The part that made my day though was that both Arielle and Taylor had great days. Taylor finished 6th and Rel in third place. For the three of us all to have top ten finishes at one of the biggest events of the year was a great feeling, I would say our house is a pretty decent threat. Haha. Check out the photos below!

TO WATCH ME TOP SCORING RUN! Click on this link and then enter "Benji Farrow" in the search box below the screen. My second run is there and you can click it to watch. Here is the link.,default,pg.html

US Open legend and one of my mentors, Gordon Robbins standing at the top of a perfect pipe! 

Taylor Gold on the first day of practice.
Hans, Kaitlyn and I at a NorthFace signing.
So happy my parents could make it out here to watch and visit with me! 
My self, Taylor and Ben ferguson poaching during womens pipe final. Awesome photo thanks to Snowboarder Magazine
Santigold played on the final night, concert was pretty awesome!!