Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mammoth Spring Camp 2013

Our annual spring U.S. Snowboarding Camp in Mammoth was a success as always!! I would love to show you video of all the quad corks and 1880's that went down but I can't, mainly cause its an Olympic year so I gotta keep it all top secret and what not! But instead here is a little fun video I put together of all the other things we did! Mammoth. Always good times and good friends! Next Stop Hood in July!

Good times in Mammoth from Benji Farrow on Vimeo.

Lago style, so classic. Frontside Ally Oop

GoPro selfie of a frontside air!

The logo on the tee, the inspiration in the background! The North Face and Half Dome

We have the best coach, hands down. Bower and his goodie basket!

Sometimes you hit the deck, kinda like getting knocked out in a fight except you do it to yourself. Not fun.