Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm still Alive!

Hey everyone,
    Sorry I have been so long in posting. A lot has happened since the US Open, I got 7th at X Games in Tignes, got 3rd and the Throwback Throwdown and broke my collar bone! I am now getting ready to head to Mammoth CA for three weeks of private training with the rest of the US Snowboard Team. Here are some photos to get you guys caught up on the last month.
Shot midway through the second flip of my cab double ten. Fell every run in finals and ended up 7th. 
Finished off the season at home in Breck competing in the Throwback Throwdown, this innovative annual event is one I look forward to every year. Super stoked on how everything went, especially standing alongside friends Hitch Haller and Matt Ladley. 
"Professional Snowboarder" dosen't mean you cant get hurt! I broke my collar bone on April second, thankfully Dr Hackett was able to get me all fitted with plates and screws and now Im all good!!