Sunday, February 10, 2013

European Open Recap

Hi guys, Sorry I didn't keep everyone updated during the Euro Open in Laax Switzerland. So here is all that went down for me and for Arielle, who everyone is gonna be seeing alot of, like it or NOT!!! HAHA.

So Arielle and I flew from Denver to Zurich on the 2nd and the hopped on the train that took us over to Laax. The BEO has always had amazing rider hospitality and didnt disappoint this year. We got put up in a sweet two bedroom condo and all our meals covered. The only downside was that Swiss Air lost our bags and we were now forced to pay 100CHF to have them delivered to our place the next day, thanks alot United/Swiss Air.

Right away it started dumping snow, so our first day of practice was canceled, which was convienent cause we didn't have our bags. So due to the weather I only had a hour of practice the next day before semi finals. I completely fell on my first run and then barely held on to my last run and my score didnt quite make the cut. I was bummed for sure but what made up for it was that Taylor Gold stomped his runs and made it to his first major final!! Kid is riding very very well right now.

So since my week was over I pretty much spent the rest of my time, riding powder, eating food and drinking beer! haha not a bad consolation. Here are a few photos.

Put the good ole GoPro on my head and rode two feet of freshys!! I am mid slash while Brett is sending it of the upcoming wind lip.

Taylor Olli-ing over the powder puffed Laax trees.
Love me some indy slobs. Sneak peak at the Zion Snowboards 2014 Z1 Benji Farrow too!
So after we had ridden pow for two days it was time for the Halfpipe Final. Both Taylor and Arielle were riding well so I was very excited to see all the action go down. Taylor landed is first safety run and got what I thought was a bit of a low score. On his final run he threw down a very sick front double ten but couldnt quite hold on to the rest of the run.

The girls final was a tough one, lots of snow and wind making for horrible visability. But Reli Belli came through and put down a run good enough to win. Beating out Kelly Clark and taking home the Burton European Open title and 15 GRAND!! This girl is on a roll. Its her fourth podium in a row and I expect that streak to continue.  Scroll down for her run and photos.

Womens podium!

Drinks on ARIELLE!! Gotta honor that 10percent! Don't freak out, we all legal in SwissyLand.

Brett and Taywoo at the top of the pipe.