Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hey everyone, its the eve of competition here in Russia. Thought I would give you an update on how the two days of practice went along with some more photos.
Sunset over the Olympic Village that is only have built. most of these buildings are just empty shells with forced labor working away inside of them. NO JOKE.

 The temps here in the Rosa Khutor mountains have been nothing like winter, the last two days have been warm and rainy, today especially. The pipe has been an adventure to put it positively, and that's all I'm gonna say because I have to compete in the thing in 13 hours. Here are a few more photos, wish me good luck!

The Pipe at night.

The Mens US Snowboard Team minus Luke. L-R Scott, Greg, Louie, Matt.

raining so hard today that Mary Poppins stopped by the pipe!
JJ Thomas was able to snap this photo of me backflipping over the Russian mountains. Thanks J!!!