Monday, November 5, 2012

Summit Adventure

SO if you have been following my Instagram you know that my mum is currently out visiting me in Breck! It's an awesome feeling being able to show the one who raised me just how much I've grown. Be able to kinda of show off what I do and where I live. And for her to put faces and places behind all the stories she's heard!! 

So this morning we got up and drove over to Frisco, the plan was to go on a short little hike up Miners Creek. But as always you don't stop when you're having fun right? We ended up "going a little bit more" and following paths that would make Robert Frost proud till we ended up 10 miles over the hill and back in Breck! It was certainly more fun then maybe we had planned and I saw parts of Summit County that I have never seen in my three winters of living here.

Here are a couple pictures from our little hike!!

Check back for more later this week!!